Modern Slavery Statement

As a business, Movemybooks (Ledgerscope Services Ltd) strives to work to the highest professional standards and comply with all laws, regulations and rules relevant to our business.

We promote a fair, transparent and positive culture, where individuals feel able to report concerns and are confident that they will be acted upon.

We are committed to the protection of human rights and to fair and ethical work practices. We understand that we have a responsibility to conduct our business ethically and this extends to our customers, contractors and suppliers.

Risk Assessment

To identify sectors and categories with high modern slavery risks, we have used the following indicators that are generally known to increase risk likelihood:

  • Reliance on a low-skilled workforce
  • Reliance on a migrant workforce
  • The presence of children in the workforce
  • The work being hazardous or undesirable
  • Based in a country that experiences high levels of corruption, weak governance, and poor enforcement of human rights

Ledgerscope operates online-based businesses. Our main vendors provide online-based datacentre, networking and software services, and general advisory services from reputable businesses. Based on the profile of our vendor pool, and the factors listed above, we consider the risk of modern slavery in our supply chain to be very low.

This risk assessment will be reviewed regularly, and in case of any significant change to the profile of our vendor pool. Should our assessment of Modern Slavery risk change from very low, we will implement appropriate changes to our policies and procedures.